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Bravo Cleaning first started back in 1997 when Greg, who at the time had been working as a cleaning technician for several years felt it was time to go into business for himself. As a new immigrant from Ukraine with a young family, Greg worked tirelessly to not only build his business, but perfect his trade. He would keep up with the latest research in the chemistry of stain removal, study industry trends, and attend courses and seminars. His clients saw then, what they see now, a true master of his trade, which is exactly why so many have stuck with him since. In the last few years, his son, Daniel, has joined him to learn the family trade from the best in the business, and continue the legacy created by his father. Now the combination Greg's efficiency and expertise, with Daniel's enthusiasm and vigor make them the best carpet cleaning team in the Chicagoland. Don't just take our word for it, check out our reviews on Google and Angi!  

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